Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dell to Bloggers: "We Goofed!"

You remember the story about Dell asking to have The Consumerist remove the "22 Confessions" article? Well, they are sorry. In their Direct2Dell blog, Lionel Menchaca, their Digital Media Manager, admits they acted a bit rash in their demands they should have just corrected some errors in the story.

I'm referring to a recent blog post from an ex-Dell kiosk employee that received more attention after the Consumerist blogged about it, and even more still after we asked them to remove it.

In this case, I agree with what Jeff Jarvis had to say: instead of trying to control information that was made public, we should have simply corrected anything that was inaccurate. We didn't do that, and now we're paying for it.

-Lionel Menchaca

I have to approve of the response. Dell, instead of acting like a corporate gestapo and going sue happy, they responded with some helpful hints for the consumer. Now if I could just get my hands on a XPS m1330 laptop, I'd be pleased.

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