Monday, June 25, 2007

Kayuda: Online Diagramming/Outlining.

I stumbled across Kayuda today while browsing a few sites. It's a interesting piece of web software. It enables users create a diagram of events or procedures online. You start out with a "node" and branch off connecting other nodes to each other as appropriate. The interface is pretty easy to use. Within a few minutes I was able to start working with it and draw a diagram to my content. Simply create a two nodes, click the green side bar from one, and drag it to the other and an arrow pops up connecting the two. You can create a workspace and collaborate with others remotely as well.

This will make it a little easier to *cough* call in sick, but offer to work from home on those "mental health" days. Our readers never do that though (you just take the day off and go back to bed, right?). We also like the fact that you can zoom in and out of the diagram, so when it gets too big you can zoom out and then go back to focus in on an area that needs more attention. They have a test area so that you can take it for a whirl without signing up.

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