Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Apple Safari beta for Windows users

Much to the ire of this web designer there is yet another web browser out there for Windows users. Safari has been around awhile for Apple's OS X, but it never garnered the use that IE, Camino, and Firefox have on the Mac.

I downloaded the beta hoping to test out our current pages and fix any issues that might be wrong. However, using the browser has proven impossible. The program starts fine, but any text does not display.

I could not click any links or type a URL in the address bar. It loads Apple's website, sans text, and that is as far as I got. It seems I am not alone, as commenter's over at Engadget are reporting the same issues and even the software crashing.

So as far as fixing pages that may render differently, I can't do much. You may not want to, as it's full of security flaws. Which, is not altogether surprising considering it is a beta. Actaully, it's so unuasable for most that it should be considered an alpha. We recommend that you stick to Firefox.

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