Thursday, June 14, 2007

eBay Vs. Google

Apparently, the two internet giants just aren't playing nice. Google's Checkout, a service aimed at PayPal, to replace online transactions, will not be adopted by eBay. Much to the disappointment of Google. If eBay were to use Google Checkout it would be a huge advantage to Google of course, as gaining a partner the size of eBay could entice, if not force eBay users to use PayPal. It could also mean that PayPal would loose out significantly. Google already has a major share of the search and online ad sales market, their Checkout service has seemingly not come to fruition.

In response to eBay not signing up with Checkout, employees at the Boston office decided to throw a party to thumb their noses at eBay. eBay then pulled all of their text ads through Google AdSense, it is unclear if the two events are related, but it is rumored that it is the case. Well, Google canceled the party, but the two aren't making up just yet.

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