Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Now that's a truck...

I was watching the History Channel, Modern Marvels to be exact. This show was about the history of Semi-trucks. The first thing that caught my eye, was the guy spending $500 in gas to fill up. Ouch. But what was really awesome was this company, ARI Legacy sleepers and the cabins they make for trucks.

It used to be, you laid across the seat when you wanted to take a nap. Now they have 144" sleepers with wide screen TV's, microwaves, sinks, toilets, beds, and even showers! I know a long haul trucker or two and they never told me about these. That's because they don't come cheap. They come in around $70,000 big ones.

Another part that was rather interesting was this innovation called IdleAire. Instead of truckers having to let their trucks idle all night to keep the heat and AC going, truckers affix this to their window and it pumps heat and AC in, while the truck is off. Truckers can even order movies and TV shows, and watch them through a screen on the lid of the unit. Makes a cross country haul seem like a good idea.

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